About Us

We Listen

  • We put the consumer first on every agenda and are always willing to go the extra mile
  • We actively encourage consumer engagement and feedback at all times
  • We share consumer knowledge and insight wherever it may come from and what ever its implication might be
  • We evaluate the consumer impact of all our decisions, making sure every action we take in balanced against their needs.
  • We relate to our consumers in the manner in which they would wish.

We Create

  • We ensure every agenda has new ideas as part of it and are passionate about developing people, process and product excellence
  • We take time to think about what we are doing and how we could do things better
  • We celebrate the idea - not just the success
  • We understand and learn from failure, accepting that we can benefit from success and set back alike
  • We respect processes that enable creativity and provide a supporting environment that actively encourag .

We Respect

  • We lead by example and work to the highest standards at all times
  • We constantly challenge ourselves to be better and evaluate our contributions on a regular basis
  • We have one vision, one purpose and are always prepared to challenge convention if this stops us delivering our best
  • We measure success and set ourselves benchmarks and KPIs based on the highest standards
  • We work together to resolve issues

We Care

  • We have a responsibility to provide high quality products that enhance our consumers' wellbeing and enjoyment. We also need to ensure everything we do has the same level of concern, attention to detail and consideration for others.
  • We make all decisions as if we are here forever and always consider the long-term implications of our actions
  • We live and breath our corporate responsibilities and always try to act in the spirit of these
  • We take personal responsibilities for living up to our company values and driving these through out our day-to-day actions
  • We work to high standards of integrity and ethicsAirwheel Australia
  • We always do what we say we will and promise only what we can deliver
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