DELIVERIES, What time can I expect my deliveries?

99% of all deliveries are made before 7.30a.m.

PAYMENTS, Can I pay My bill on-line & What will it cost me?

All customers can register to pay there bill on-line. This is a totally free service,

PAYMENTS, We do not wish to pay on-line, but I would like to manage my account online!

No problem, your roundsman can call fortnightly, or monthly to collect payment, or a bill can be left and payment sent through the post.

PAYMENTS, Can I Be sure that this is a totally secure site?

Our site uses a 128-bit SSL certificates thereby offering the highest level of encryption or security possible. This means you can rest assured that communications between your browser and this site's web servers are private and secure.

Need more reassurance


PAYMENTS, I have just registered to pay on-line but I am not able to see my bill due?

You will need to allow the system to update all details, This can take up to 48HRS this only occurs when you register for the first time, after this your details will be updated daily.

ORGANICS, What days do you deliver organic produce?
All organic vegetable produce is delivered on friday morning.
ORGANICS, How far in advance do I need to place my organic Vegetables order?

As all our produce is picked and packed to order, you need to place your order by 8am Monday to be delivered the following friday.

DELIVERIES, What days do you deliver?

We deliver 5 days a week, there being no delivers on Thursday & Sunday

PAYMENTS, Do I have to have a pay pal account to make an online payment?


Payments can be made using all Major Debit & Credit cards just select the sage option below no registration is needed.

DELIVERIES, Can I change my standing order online?


Once you have registerd your order will be displayed on our site, you will then have the option to add remove or make change's to your order. All changes to you order will take effect from the following Monday, If you would like to make a "one off" addition to your daily order please use the "Shop & Drop" facility.

DELIVERIES, can I book a holiday online?


No more need to leave a note on the doorstep, just login to your account and ADD your holiday dates. All dates are inclusive.


PAYMENTS, Can I pay by Direct Debit

You can now pay by Direct debit

Once we receive your completed mandate it can take up to 10 days for your bank to set this up, all payments are taken on or around the 01st of each month.

Please dowload the mandate on our homepage, please also remember to put you full postal address on the mandate. we only take payments of £10 and above should your bill be less than this we will roll it over to the following months DD run.




PAYMENTS, My card is no longer accepted by paypal

An alternative payment option is now available please select the SAGE PAY button, when you are prestented with the payment options page. A pre filled form with your account details will be presented. Once you have entered your card details your payment will be confirmed, NO details are stored on our site.


We will send you a detailed weekly bill to your registered email address at the end of each week, this will display the current weeks sales and the balance brought forward. Should you decide that you do not want this sent every week or Month you can make the change on your profile page.

You will then have the choice of stopping the bills all together or switching from weekly to monthly.


FORGOTTEN password

On the member’s login page, click on the button saying forgot password.



Enter your email address this will send an automated email to your registered email address with a PASSWORD RESET LINK


Once you select the above link you will then be presented with the following option to reset your password. 

Plesae Note that Username & Passwords are now "Case sensitive"



If you don’t get this email straight away please check your junk or spam folder, lots of service providers will automatically send any automated email direct to your junk/spam folder


INVOICE I'm no longer getting my weekly Invoice

All customer invoices are generated and emailed every week, unless switched off by you or changed to monthly on your profile page. We have found that some customers are having emails marked as spam/junk and being placed in there junk box.

Please check in there and we also suggest you add: 

To your “approved” “whitelist”
In some very rare cases we have found that emails are being deleted altogether by some “ISP” if this is the case then please try an alternative email address or add B & A Dairies as an approved contact in your email settings.
Answer Phone Service

Our answer phone service is available Monday to Friday from 2am till 5pm daily and Saturday 2am till 10am, messages left after 10am will be replied to the following day. Outside these hours we would ask you to direct any messages through the contact us feature on our website.

PAYMENTS Sage pay field error or invalid field

Please ensure your house number and street name are in address 1 & address 2 respectively 




PAYMENTS by bacs

Unfortunally we don’t accept payment by BACS, this is due to the administration involved in the allocation of payments. All online and DD payments are automaticity posted to your account.

FORGOTTEN username


"Please follow the same process as forgotten password" 






EMAIL ADDRESS Can I update my email address?

As part of our ongoing sercurty updates you are not able to change your Email address on the client homepage, to do this you will need to contact the website administrator on [email protected] with the following infomation:

  • Account number or delivery address
  • Old Email address
  • New Email address

Once validated we will then update your email as requiered within 24 hours