B & A Dairies ltd is run by both Richard King & Sawbridge both are active Managing Directors in the day to day business needs of the Company and both carry equal status.

Richard King

Personal statement.

I have been involved in the doorstep and wholesale dairy business since my school days which now credits me with nearly 40 years experiences, I first started working at Quinney’s Dairies in Coventry Street back in the late 70’s early 80’s moving onto Country Farm Dairies in Parrots Grove. During the mid-90’s the owner of Country Farm Dairy “Alan Whitcroft” reached his planned retirement age and myself along with 3 others formed B&A Dairies. All these partners have now retired and have no further interest in B&A just leaving myself & Jason.

The dairy business has changed considerably over the last 10 to 15 years with the introduction of online account management and I believe that B&A were the first independent dairy Company in the UK to offer online payments many other companies have followed our lead some more successfully than others. We constantly monitor our business and continually look to improve our service but never divert from our core value being customer service. We still today offer the same basic home delivery service of yester year being daily delivers of milk in glass bottle and weekly collections of monies if requested..

Jason Sawbridge

Personal statement.

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